Endless Design Possibilities with Thin Brick

Thin brick allows you to add the warmth and texture of real brick to your designs without the need for a special foundations, supports or footings.  Thin veneer brick is real kiln-fired brick cut thin for easy installation and design flexibility. From kitchens to fireplaces and wine cellars to chimneys and outdoor living areas, it can be used anywhere you would like to install the beauty of a real antique brick surface, without having to hire a  bricklayer to lay 4 pound, 4 inch thick bricks.   You can make spirals, circles, arches, squares or other designs on the ceiling. Of course, you can still have typical ceiling features like lights and fans, as thin brick is easily split and fixture covers can be installed over it.   Like full sized brick, it comes in a kaleidoscope of colors and can be laid in different patterns so each application produces a custom masterpiece.

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Featured Product: Thin Brick

Thin Brick allow you to add the classic beauty of genuine  brick to your home without the weight, mess, and cost of concrete footings.

The possibilities are endless! You can cover your concrete foundation or even an entire wall.   Add brick to your den, kitchen, or around a  gas fireplace.